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Best Salad Bar

Beans, burgers and salads too


e cater to our customers and we

love our customers. We will go

out of our way to make sure that

they are happy.


Vice President

& Branch Manager



for voting

Lace Deibert

best community volunteer

A love of good burgers and sensational

salads is what prompted VZC citizens

to name Ole’ West Bean and Burger the

best salad bar in the county.

According to owner Jason Holyfield,

it’s not just the crisp salad that attracts

customers to his restaurant.

“We cater to our customers and we

love our customers,” said Holyfield “We

will go out of our way to make sure that

they are happy. But, our salad bar is

made fresh daily. There is a large variety

of fresh prepared salads at a reasonable


Holyfield said he was “grateful,” to the

county for embracing his business.

“We have been here five years

and over that time, I have grown to

know the community from the general

public and city officials and I am glad that

this community has embraced our busi-

ness and has made us feel so welcomed.

“It is not me at this restaurant. Our entire

staff, from the bus boy to the cooks to the

waitresses, get recognized for everything

they do, not for me but for the customer.

They also understand that they come first

and I consider all of them as family.”

Holyfield grew up in the restaurant

business, but says that owning a busi-

ness like Ole’ West Bean and Burger is

“not a job, but a lifestyle choice.”

“This is not a job but a lifestyle choice,”

said Holyfield. “But, we are extremely

pleased to be in Canton and Van Zandt

County,” said Holyfield. “Canton has been

great to us. This is the best community

that I have ever been in.”