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purchased the cafe in 2010, and it has specialized in southern

Texas style cuisine seven days a week ever since. For Trish

Uselton, comfort food is defined as a pork chop.

“That’s always been my favorite ever since I was a little girl,”

Uselton said.”I grew up in the cattle industry... so we always had

steak and beef. But if you asked me what I wanted for dinner, I

wanted a pork chop. It just makes me feel good.”

The dish starts with a pork chop that’s

been brined for 24 hours with rosemary

and thyme. Then, it’s charbroiled and

served with a peach and habanero

sauce along with a choice of two

sides. Uselton enjoys hers with a

side of seasonal vegetables and

mashed potatoes.

If you are looking for

a cozier home-cooked

atmosphere you can’t find

anywhere better than Linda’s

Fine Foods on FM 2325. Since

2006, Chef Linda Allen has

served up an eclectic menu inspired

by world cuisines on a changing

weekly menu, six days a week. But the

entree most often requested by locals and

visitors alike throughout the year is a bowl of

her chicken and dumplings.

While there are many different ways to make this hearty fare,

Allen prefers to saute carrots, celery, onion with sage and thyme

in a sauce of white wine, chicken broth, lemon juice, garlic and

cream. She adds simmered chicken and green peas, topping it

with a homemade buttermilk dumpling.

“I think it reminds a lot of people of the food their mother

cooked,” Allen said.

In contrast, for those whose stomachs call out for barbecue—

The Back Porch on Cypress Creek is the place to re-live the

nostalgia of barbecue cookouts past— with a modern

twist. Chef Jay Bachman combines traditional

barbecue with Cryovac and sous vide

techniques to serve up unique barbeque.

For Bachman, barbecue is the ultimate in

comfort food.

The “Hambulance” is Bachman’s

own creation combining pulled pork

with a beef patty for the best of both

worlds. Starting with a half pound of

Black Angus beef seared on a flat-top

and topped with cheddar cheese and

bacon, Bachman adds pulled pork

topped with their signature Dr. Pepper

sauce and Wimberley Valley Gourmet’s

“Sweet and Sassy Pickles” on a ciabatta

bun. “That’s my comfort food, and it works

for me,” Bachman said.

No matter what food you consider to be your

personal comfort food, restaurants like The Leaning

Pear, Cypress Creek Cafe and Buzzard Bar, Linda’s Fine

Foods and The Back Porch each offer their own take on what it

means to serve up comfort food in Wimberley.

Above: Chef Jay Bachman in front of his restaurant The Back Porch. Below: Cypress Creek Cafe and Buzzard Bar creates a pork chop.