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The Town of Laguna Vista

is a relatively young town,

considering it wasn’t incor-

porated until 1958, but its

history stretches back farther

than that.

Like most of the coastal

lands in Deep South Texas,

present day Laguna Vista

was once home to the Coa-

hilitecan Indians. It was ex-

plored in the 19th Century

by Spanish traders, but it

wasn’t until 1928 when the

Point Isabel Land Company

purchased much of the land

in the area for use as hunting

and fishinJ camps

Today, the town lies with

the placid shores of the La-

guna Madre on its eastern

border, the Laguna Atascosa

National Wildlife Refuge to

its north and south and pri-

vate ranchlands to the west.

It is accessible by two major

highways — Highway 100

and FM 510, known as Santa

Isabella Boulevard for the

length of it that runs through

the heart of the town.

Laguna Vista is a fam-

ily friendly community and

is home to the South Padre

Island Golf Course. Many

homes, both inside the golf

course and out, lie nestled

along the shore of the bay.

City Hall and the police de-

partment, which are housed

in the same building just off

of FM 510, abut the well-

manicured Roloff Park,

which offers a covered bas-

ketball court, a pavilion, a

walking trail, and best of all,

panoramic views of the La-

guna Madre.