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The Hart Community Garden, located across from

Quality Foods and next to Hart EMC, offers a place to

garden, socialize and learn for the residents of Hart Coun-

ty. It represents a concerted volunteer effort from a num-

ber of individuals who give their time, goods, or money

so others may have an opportunity to

grow and learn about vegetables and

gardening. Founded in fall 2012, the

Hart County Board of Commissioners

approved the use of the under utilized

land. In the time since, the property

has been cleaned, dilapidated struc-

tures removed or rebuilt, irrigation

installed, along with the construction

of 38 garden beds and prepared field

space for crops.

Individuals or families can become

seasonal members of the garden,

which affords a bed, access to tools,

information, and other gardening sup-

plies. In turn, garden members main-

tain their own bed and contribute to

the general chores of the garden.

As the garden has grown, so has par-

ticipation. At near 100 percent capac-

ity, last spring was the most successful


Inquire now to reserve your spot for this spring. If you

are interested in growing your own vegetables, or think

you could contribute your time or knowledge to the gar-

den members, please visit us at

www.HartCommunity- or

inquire at the Hart County Chamber of

Commerce for more information and a registration form.

As a nonprofit, the garden is also in need of donations

to fund future projects and board members to help with

the planning of work. If you are interested in participating

in any capacity, contact Rita Chapman at 706-436-2929

or .

Hart County Botanical Garden began in 2004 as a dream of the

Northeast Georgia Master Gardeners. Seven acres of county prop-

erty were leased by the Master Gardeners and the dream became

reality. Years of planning, fundraising, clearing, planting, building

and then doing it again and again have created a garden that lives

up to its mission.

The garden is open to everyone from dawn

to dusk, every day of the year. The pavilion

area can be reserved for club meetings, family

reunions, weddings, anniversaries or any other

event. Check on our website, www.hartcog-, for reservation information or call

706 436-1557 for more information.

The garden is not just the seven acres; it is the

people who love the garden, who work to keep it

going and growing. Friends of the Garden is our

support group, giving financial support, work-

ing in the garden, telling others about it, and

using it. Most of all they form a fellowship and

learn from one another. Friends of the Garden

is open to everyone. We need people with skills

in all areas that can keep us growing. Member-

ship is available at different levels and mem-

bers receive some perks. Membership forms are

available on our website. Our only fundraiser is

the annual plant sale which is held in April each


The Garden continues to grow. We now have an ADA walking trail

through the garden that is part of the Hart County Sports and Rec-

reation Department trail system. We are excited that the garden is

now truly accessible to everyone. We have added an Asian Garden

and are building a Moon House that can be used for numerous

purposes. The Heritage Garden and Bird Sanctuary is being added

this year and will include “Mamaw’s house”, heirloom plants, and

plants and feeders to attract birds.

Growing is the word to describe Hart County Botanical Garden.

Won’t you come and be a part of this beautiful, inspiring, and excit-

ing dream?

Hart County

Botanical Garden

Hart County

Community Garden



Hartwell 706-376-6961

Toccoa 706-886-1441 • Lavonia 706-356-7001

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