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Vivian A. Craft




Kelly Brown

Family Partner

500 N. Richardson St.,


The Hart County Head Start

Preschool Program is taking

new applications for children

for the 2016-2017 school year.

Head Start childrenmust be

3 or 4 years old by Sept. 1,

2016 in order to be eligible for

the Head Start Program. (Ap-

pointment Only)


Children must be 6 weeks -

36months old. Parent(s) must

be working or enrolled in

school full time. We will be reg-

istering pregnant women as

well. (Appointment Only)

For Head Start/Early Head

Start, parents or guardians will

need to bring proof of birth,

child’s social security card,

proof of family income (2015

W-2 forms, current check

stubs, written statement from

employer, etc.), the child’s im-

munization certificate (Form

3231) from their physician or

the Health Department, and

medical insurance card (Med-

icaid, Peach Care or Private)

for the child.


Childrenmust be 4 years old

by Sept. 1, 2016 in order to be

eligible for the Pre-K program.

The child’s birth date must be

between Sept. 2, 2011 and

Sept. 1, 2012.

For Pre-K , parents or guard-

ians will need to bring proof of

birth, proof of residency

(power bills and water/gas bill,

or call for other acceptable

documents) child’s social secu-

rity card, the child immuniza-

tion certificate (Form 3231),

and medical insurance card

(Medicaid, Peach Care or Pri-

vate) for the child.

We also serve children with

Hart County Head Start

Bridge To Success



Bridge to Success is a program at Ath-

ens Technical College which focuses on

out-of-work individuals from ages 18-24.

The mission of the program is to link

these individuals to career opportunities

with local employers.

Bridge to Success provides academic

support, job training coursework, em-

ployability and soft skills courses, plus job

placement assistance. Qualified appli-

cants receive full tuition assistance,

books, tools, travel reimbursement, paid

internships, childcare stipends and career

placement services.

The project is funded by the Georgia

Mountains Regional Commission under

the Workforce Innovative and Opportu-

nity Act (WIOA).

Phillip Cortese, Outreach Coordinator

for Hart County, said there are essentially

no out-of-pocket costs. “Just your com-

mitment of time and determination.”

Cortese said there is a wide range of

qualifying criteria, but the essentials are


•Ages 18-24 with or without a high

school diploma or GED.

•Not currently employed in full-time


•Not currently enrolled in a post-sec-

ondary institution.

Cortese said even individuals with ar-

rests and convictions including felonies,

could be eligible.

After completing an orientation session

and an assessment participants take a

Georgia Best Class, which includes soft

skills such as resume writing, communi-

cation skills, and the basics for success at

any job.

Once that is complete, they can begin

taking classes at Athens Tech, either at

the Elberton campus or in Athens.

Classes are usually two to three semes-

ters in length.

Upon completion of coursework, stu-

dents receive a Technical Certificate of

Completion. Program areas include: Air

Conditioning Technology; Automotive

Collision Repair; Commercial Truck Driv-

ing; Diesel Equipment Technology;

Healthcare Access Representative; Ma-

chine Tool Technology; Manufacturing

Operations and Welding Technology.

For information, contact Cortese at or



special needs from 9 a.m. - 4


Please call 706-376-9355 or

706-376-6907 for an appoint-

ment for Head Start and Early

Head Start The program offers

children the opportunity to

have a great start in education.

Don’t miss this opportunity.