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Animal control officer

706-376-3111 City

706-376-3114 County

Hours: Tues.-Sat. 11 a.m. -

4 p.m. An open admission,

non-profit shelter, supported

financially by private dona-

tions and funds from eight

city and county jurisdic-

tions. We strive to get all of

Animal Control

Georgia State Patrol Office

Georgia State Patrol opened

its new post in Hart County

Jan. 1, 2015. Post 52, located

at 1529 Knox Bridge Crossing

Road, has 14 officers patrol-

ling Hart, Elbert and Franklin

counties. Contact Post 52 at


Emergency Services



Post Commander

Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter

Lavonia - Sherri Lockhart, Dir. - 706-356-5363 •

Facebook - Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter

Hart County has adopted

an animal control ordi-

nance. Georgia State Law

requires all pet owners to

have a current rabies tag on

the animal. If the dog has no

collar and tag, then it is con-

sidered a stray animal and

can be picked up by animal


All animals that are con-

fiscated will be transported

to the Northeast Georgia

Animal Shelter in Lavonia.

However, owners will have to

pay a base fee for housing the

animal and an additional fee

per day that the animal re-

mains at the shelter in order

to have the animal back.

Based on the ordinance,

anyone who abandons an

animal is subject to a $1,000

fine and/or 30 days in jail.

Anyone filing a complaint

regarding a possible animal

control violation would have

to provide their name.

The county ordinance does

not include cats or wildlife.

The City of Hartwell also

adopted an animal control

ordinance. The ordinance is

available for viewing at


our animals adopted, and of-

ten work with rescue groups

and other local shelters.

Adoption fees are used to re-

imburse local veterinarians

who spay or neuter the ad-

opted animals.


“ANew Generation of Care and Ministry”

333 E Johnson Street

Hartwell, Georgia


- office


24 hour obituary line


Funeral Home

C il



F l

Chris T. Coile


J. Duane Hall Jr.


Honored to Serve Our Community

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