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Emergency Services

spections throughout the city

annually on all facilities and

buildings in the city, with the

exception of 1 and 2 family

dwellings. The pre-incident

plan survey identifies critical

concerns and documents im-

portant information that may

be needed in the event of an

emergency incident at that fa-

cility. The company inspec-

tions identify unsafe condi-

t i o n s a n d i mp r o p e r l y

maintained fire protection sys-

tems. Unsafe conditions need-

ing immediate or further atten-

tion are referred to the fire

chief for enforcement.

Fire and Life Safety Inspec-

tions are performed by the

Hartwell Fire Department on

non-residential structures and

facilities. The codes enforced

are the 2012 Life Safety Code

and the 2012 International

Fire Code. These codes are

adopted by the state, applica-

ble throughout the Georgia,

and enforced by local ordi-



Fire Chief


Emergency: 911


City of Hartwell Fire Department

The City of Hartwell Fire

Department received an ISO

Class 2 Fire Suppression Rat-

ing in 2014, making Hartwell

one of the smallest jurisdic-

tions in the nation to hold an

ISO Class 2 rating or better.

The Class 2 rating places Hart-

well in the top 2 percent of fire

departments in the United


The HFD, headed by Chief

Terry Vickery, is a combina-

tion department consisting of

10 full-time personnel, and 23

volunteer firefighters. The de-

partment’s focus is to be well

trained and prepared for any

emergency incident or need

for assistance.

The Hartwell Fire Depart-

ment requires all department

personnel to obtain Georgia

Certified Firefighter accredita-

tion through the Georgia Fire-

fighter’s Standards and Train-

ing Council, and all personnel

must obtain the highest level of

training for firefighters as of-

fered by the state through the

National Board on Fire Service

Professional Qualifications.

In addition, all firefighters

are required to have emergen-

cy medical training, hazardous

materials and training in all

types of technical rescue,

among other specialized fields.

Hartwell Fire Department

responds to more than 400

calls annually with an average

response time of just over 3


HFD conducts pre-incident

plan surveys and company in-

Call 706-376-7733 or visit

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