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Hart County’s industrial

manufacturing base continued

to experience significant

growth throughout 2016 as ex-

isting industry added new full-

time positions and newly an-

nounced businesses moved

forward at an accelerated pace

with construction of facilities

in Hart County.

Growth across a wide vari-

ety of business sectors, includ-

ing but not limited to, automo-

t i v e , f a b r i c a t e d me t a l

components, food processing,

and plastics, helped create ad-

ditional job opportunities in

Hart County and the sur-

rounding region. Local unem-

ployment rates improved

steadily throughout 2016;

leaving Hart’s year-end unem-

ployment rate at 5.2 percent…

an improvement of 0.3 per-

centage points versus prior

year, and one of the lowest un-

employment levels seen in our

community in a decade.

Hart County’s new business

g r o w t h o v e r t h e p a s t

12-months saw the new Linde

+ Wiemann manufacturing fa-

cility construction being com-

pleted, hiring beginning that

will reach 200-jobs committed

by the company, and installa-

tion of high-tech equipment…

such as robotic welding. Con-

struction of the Haering Preci-

sion USA facility has begun and should be completed over the

coming 18-months; along with commencement of hiring new

full-time positions. Career opportunities provided by Hart

County’s increasingly high-tech industrial base has helped

transform the area from a largely agrarian and textile domi-

nated economy into a technically-based business base; offering

improved wages & benefits and positions that typically require

additional post-secondary education… especially through Tech-

nical Colleges. This trend should continue for the foreseeable

future; providing exceptional long-term career opportunities

for local area citizens… not only in Hart County, but through-

out the Northeast Georgia Mountains Region.

Existing industry also continued to experience healthy busi-

ness growth in Hart County throughout the past year, and many

local manufacturing operations maintained existing workforce

levels and steadily added positions in-pace with overall in-

creases in business volume. Ritz Instrument Transformers

announced its 3rd expansion in Hart County in 2016 and addi-

tion to its product line offering to include “High Voltage”. Con-

struction of their new building addition needed to facilitate this

growth is already in-progress. This expansion will bring an

additional 50 full-time positions to Hart County.

Hart County’s College & Career Academy, which opens for

classes August 2, 2017, has benefitted from strong local leader-

ship in Hart County… from business & industry, education, and

agricultural sectors, volunteering their time and resources to

provide world-class curriculum, facilities, and equipment. The

Hart College & Career Academy’s Industrial Systems Lab will

contain leading-edge technology (CNC, PLC, Robotics) utilized

by many of our area’s advanced manufacturing operations and

these programs will offer students the potential to achieve a

Technical College Certificate at the same time they graduate

from high school. These long-term strategic initiatives provide

Hart County students as well as adults the opportunity to

achieve highly valued and marketable skills that make them

immediately employable with existing Hart County Industry.

Additionally, Hart County maintains “WorkKeys” (formerly

WorkReady) assessments and promotes this program as a

means of giving our citizens the best chance of securing new

job opportunities.

The Hart County Industrial Building Authority continues to

recognize “Workforce Development” as one of our most impor-

tant long-term strategies. Area unemployment rates are im-

proving and there continues to be increasing opportunity for

skilled labor in our area… specifically CNC/PLC operators and

programmers, welders, tool & die makers, electricians, engi-

neering professionals, and more.

Industrial Land and Infrastructure Development – along

Interstate I-85 at Exit #177 in Hart County, is continuing with

site grading and infrastructure development on recently ac-

quired industrial lands. Combined, the Gateway Industrial

Park, Gateway -2, and Gateway-3, provides our community

with approximately 1.1 miles of road frontage and 400-acres of

prime real estate for industrial development along one of the

Southeast’s most rapidly growing business corridors. Signifi-

cant engineering and site development has been completed on

all the available property and

full infrastructure (water,

sewer, natural gas, electric,

and telecom) is in-place to

meet businesses growth needs.

The Hart County Industrial

Park on US Hwy. 29 continues

to be an asset for Hart County.

We currently are marketing

available buildings inside this

park and also have approxi-

mately 10-acres of land avail-

able within the park. Our re-

gional airport in Canon,

Georgia provides a 5,000 ft.

runway which is sufficient for

most corporate jets, and the

Hartwell Railroad provides

valuable short-line rail service

to Hart County and City of


Strategic Partnerships –

continue to be one of our com-

munity’s best economic devel-

opment tools. The Georgia

Department of Economic De-

velopment, OneGeorgia Au-

thority, Georgia Department

of Community Affairs, Georgia

QuickStart, Georgia Moun-

tains Regional Commission,

University of Georgia’s Arch-

way Partnership, Athens

Technical College, Georgia

Department of Labor, and

many, many more provide

outstanding support to Hart


Hart County’s Pro-business

Leadership – provide signifi-

cant support to our economic

development efforts to assist

with new industry recruit-

ment; however, all area busi-

nesses realize ongoing benefit

from our community leaders’

conservative fiscal steward-

ship, low tax overhead struc-

ture, and long-term strategic

planning. Hart County is

growing and we will continue

to benefit from the efforts of

our local leadership, scores of

willing and talented volun-

teers, and strategic partner-


Industrial Building Authority



Director of Economic