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After breaking ground a

year ago, the Atlantic Beach




Project is nearly completed,

with partial occupancy to

begin in the coming weeks.

The $3.8-million project

provides the department

with necessary upgrades and



some of which were proposed

by the city during talks that

began nearly two decades


Upon entering the new

public safety building, visi-

tors will notice a much larger

lobby area with reception

windows and an interview

room to the right - the latter

being a feature the depart-

ment previously lacked.

Commander Victor Gualillo

said in the past, conversa-

tions with citizens would

often require stepping out-

side due to lack of designated


Additional space was also

utilized for the building's dis-

patch center, which Gualillo

said is a "major, major

update for us." The dispatch

center - referred to as the

"heartbeat of the police

department" by Gualillo -

features two dispatch con-

soles, with the goal being to

eventually add a third, he


The building also features

a records window with a larg-

er storage area, mechanical

and IT wiring space, a break

room and men's and wom-

en's locker rooms with show-

ers and facilities for each.

With all of the improve-

ments, Gualillo said the

department maintained its

two prisoner holding cells

and "fought pretty hard" to

do so. Gualillo said the

department believed that the

cells were an asset to officers

when conducting investiga-

tions or interviewing more

than one person.

"This is an asset to us," he

said. "We don't use it with

the frequency that some folks

would like to see us, just by

numbers, but the fact is when

you need it, you really need it

bad ... ."

Gualillo said in addition to

the department's need for the

cells, deconstructing the

walls in order to use the area

for office space would have

required additional costs to

the project.

In addition to a temporary

evidence/storage room and

larger evidence room, there

is a separate area for guns

and drugs behind a second

locked door, equipped with

medical-grade air purifiers in

order to properly store

organic material for a safer

environment for officers.

Interview rooms, a larger

and more secure sally port

structure, larger armory

room and an office for the

city's animal control were

also included in the building

improvements. Previously,

animal control did not have a

designated office area in the

public safety building and

Gualillo said it had to operate

out of the squad room and

"borrow a desk" if needed.

In addition to offices with

appropriate storage space,

the public safety building

features a large room that

can be used for training and

presentations as well as an

executive conference room.

"We didn't have anything

like this before so it's really

nice for us to have a place to

offer meeting space for other

Beaches Chiefs or whoever

comes from in town to have

these executive level discus-

sions with us," said Gualillo.

The public safety building

project also included 6 or 7

new parking spots in front of

the building for the fire

department as well as LED

light improvements. The fire

department will also share

access with the police depart-

ment to the air conditioned

gym located in the public

safety building.

Gualillo said the depart-

ment ended up with approxi-

mately 12,000 square feet, in

line with suggestions previ-

ously made by the citizen

committee regarding the

project. He added that the

first architecture firm con-

tracted for the project had

proposed a 13,000 square-

foot design. Prior to the

improvements, the public

safety building was over

5,000 square feet.

"I have every confidence

that we did the right thing as

far as space, allocating oper-

ational use for space on the

inside ... We made many

cuts, made many frugal deci-

sions in there to try get this

building the most function

for the least amount of

money," said Gualillo. "I

think we did a great job and


e wound up with basically


hat the citizen group and

we as staff arm wrestled over

for so many weeks. We kind

of wound up in the same

place so it makes me feel

good about the decisions we


Gualillo said the last to

make the move into the new

building will be the commu-

nication center employees,

who are currently downtown

utilizing community center

space of the Jacksonville

Sheriff's Office. The target

date for their move is mid to

the end of July, Gualillo said,

however, a ribbon cutting

ceremony is likely to occur

before, on a date to be deter-


June 22, 2017

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The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader







A1A flood fix to take

56 months

The city of Jacksonville

Beach took the first steps

needed to allow the state to

fix flooding problems along

3rd Street North, aka A1A.

The city approved tempo-

rary and permanent ease-

ments that will allow the DOT

to make improvements to

A1A, as well as 15th Avenue

North, 18th Avenue North

and Seagate Avenue. Work

will be done at those locations

to improve water flow and

eliminate flooding along 3rd

Street that occurs during

heavy rains. The multi-mil-

lion-dollar project to make

the repairs is being under-

taken by DOT. The easements

ere needed before the DOT

could go to bid on the

56-month-long project.

Public meeting set on

special events policy

The community will get a

chance to weigh in on pro-

posed changes to a revised

special events policy for

Jacksonville Beach.

A public meeting will be

held July 12 at 6 p.m. at city

hall to invite public comment

on the policy that will estab-

lish new rules and limits on

special events, such as festi-

vals, in the city.

The changes will limit the

number and length of festi-

vals as well as preclude city

officials, staff or representa-

tives from organizing such


AB moves forward

with search for CM

The Atlantic Beach City

Commission will move for-

ward with its selection of a

new city manager through the

consideration of the current

19 qualified candidates.

The city said last week that

it had received 36 applica-

tions, however, of those appli-

cants, 19 were considered

qualified and met the city's

requirements for the posi-


After a lengthy discussion

during last week's meeting,

which included a proposal of

Mayor Mitch Reeves to enlist

a citizen committee to aide in

the narrowing down process,

it was ultimately decided that

by June 30 each commission-

er will submit up to one can-

didate to be considered - in

addition to the four selections

made by Human Resources

Director Cathy Berry and

Interim City Manager Kevin

Hogencamp. At that point,

Berry will issue additional

questions to those selected

candidates and prepare pack-

ets for the commissioners

during the July 24 commis-

sion meeting.

SJ's Butler boat ramp

work to limit access




through Oct. 8, Butler Boat

Ramp will have limited access

due to a dredging project to

improve navigability to the

ramp for public use.

According to St. Johns

County Board of County

Commissioners, heavy equip-

ment and construction crews

will be on site, partially block-

ing access to a portion of the

parking lot throughout the

duration of the project.

Patrons of Butler Boat Ramp

are urged to exercise caution

in the parking lot, on the boat

ramp and in the water near

the ramp.

For information, call 904-


AB Preservation

group plans town

hall meeting

AB Preservation will host a

town hall meeting Thursday,

June 29, from 6:30 p.m. to 8

p.m. featuring a panel discus-

sion on three issues that the

group says are adversely

impacting quality of life and

threatening the community’s

natural assets.

The issues up for discus-

sion are tree canopy;

Variances approved by boards




Upholding current ordinanc-


The featured panelists

include Warren K. Anderson,

Jr., a Beaches attorney, long-

time environmental advocate

and founder of the Public

Trust Environmental Legal

Institute of Florida. He will

speak about the city’s tree

canopy and the challenges the

city currently face with regard

to protecting and preserving


Also on the panel will be

Tom Hindle, an Atlantic

Beach resident who formerly

served on the Community

Development Board as an

alternate. He will discuss the

issue of variances. Scott

Williams, Atlantic Beach




Director, will discuss enforce-

ment of ordinances, specifi-

cally how pervious/impervi-

ous calculation are deter-


A Q&A from the audience

will follow the panel discus-


AB Preservation is a citi-

zens’ group that has monthly

meetings on issues concern-

ing Atlantic Beach residents.

All meetings are open to the

public and all citizens’ input

is value. For more informa-

tion, visit www.atlanticbeach- preservation.com.

The meeting will be held at

the Adele Grage Community

Center, located at 716 Ocean

Blvd. in Atlantic Beach.

JB to get new smart

water meters

New water meters are being



Jacksonville Beach. Door

hangers announcing the

change will be posted at prop-

erties prior to the work being


The city will install 50 to

100 meters per day, requiring

water shutoffs at each prop-

erty for a short time.

Installations are being sched-

uled with billing and the city

is working to coordinate the

transfer of data to allow the

meters to be read remotely.



NOTICE UNDER fictitious name

law pursuant to section 865.09,

Florida statutes


undersigned, desiring to engage in

business under the fictitious name of

Storm Music Studio

, in the County

of Duval located at 60 Ardella Rd.,

Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233 intends

to register the said name with the

Division of Corporations of the Florida

Department of State, Tallahassee,

Florida. Dated at Jacksonville Beach,

Florida, this 22nd day of June, 2017

Owner: Priest Enterprises FL, Inc.

BL 6/22/17


Duval County


IN RE: The license to practice Nursing

Kayla Irit Freeman, C.N.A.

2858 Wonderwood Lane

Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

CASE NO.: 2017-02033

LICENSE NO.: C.N.A. 280274

The Department of Health has filed

an Administrative Complaint against

you, a copy of which may be obtained

by contacting, Justin D. Chang,




Prosecution Services Unit, 4052 Bald

Cypress Way, Bin #C65, Tallahassee

Florida 32399-3265, (850) 245-4640


If no contact has been made by you

concerning the above by July 27,

2017 the matter of the Administrative

Complaint will be presented at an

ensuing meeting of the Board of

Nursing in an informal proceeding.

In accordance with the Americans

with Disabilities Act, persons needing

a special accommodation to partici-

pate in this proceeding should contact

the individual or agency sending this

notice not later than seven days prior

to the proceeding at the address

given on the notice. Telephone: (850)

245-4640, 1-800-955-8771 (TDD) or

1-800-955-8770 (V), via Florida Relay


BL 6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6-2017




An installed emblem (left) greets visitors in the lobby of the new Atlantic Beach Public Safety Building. Project

improvements also include an interview room located within the lobby where citizens can speak privately to officers


Expanded and improved AB public safety building nears

completion and all sta should be back on site by end of July