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Out-of state is $55) Town/City & Zip Name Address (MoreAROUNDTOWN, A-5 ) 8907601069 6 6 ( See PAIR, PageA-5) ( See CLINTONSIGNS, A-2) TylerRoad resident disappeared Aug. 31st ( See MISSINGMAN , A-5) GIRLFRIEND: I PASSED Polygraph given in case of missing man Holdin’HerOwnAndThenSome DuringBlackstone’s3rdAnnualOktoberfest thispastSaturday in theTownSquare,MorganCrowder ofBlackstonewononeof theBeerStein challenges,defeatingRickSabolofBlackstone andSteveFulk- ersonofDinwiddie.Bothmenweregood sports.Competitorshad toholdmugs fullofwaterwitharms stretchedoutwards. Judgesallowedparticipants tobend theirelbows. MORE:B-5 Clinton signs taken, too JanetMaylandofSouthMainStreetholdsoneofher twoHillaryClintonyardsigns thatwereremoved and tosseddown thestreetonSept.1st, then recovered.Ms.MaylandonMonday reported thatsomeone stoleoneofherHillary signsandalsooneofneighborEdConley’s. Donald Trump yard signs aren’t the only ones being stolen and vandalized inNottoway County. TwoHillary Clinton supporters on SouthMain Street in Blackstone have had their signs taken recently. JanetMayland of the 600 block of SouthMain reports that she and next door neighbor Ed Conley each had a Hillary sign removed from their yards over theweek-end. And earlier in the month, on Sept. 1st,Ms.Mayland said that her twoHillary signs were removed and tossed down the street between 3:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. “They were ‘kidnapped and tortured.’ but I got them back,” she chuckled. “I taped them back together and put them back inmy yard.” Ms. Mayland moved to Blackstone three years ago from Rockville, Maryland after retiring from the U. S. Dept. of State,where she served as aDirector of Strategic Planning. She didn’t vote in the Democratic Primary ear- lier this year, and she’s not a partisan Democrat. “I vote for the person, and I’m forHillary.” Ms.Mayland says she believesMs. Clinton’s strength is negotiating. “I’ve seen her, I’ve met her, and she truly The girlfriend of a missing Nottoway County man says she has taken and passed a State Police lie detector test. Ms. Terry Fitzgerald is the last known person to have seen Terry Edward Reeves. That was four weeks ago: back on Wednesday, Aug. 31st at their trailer on Tyler Road near Crewe. FourQuestions Ms. Fitzgerald tells the Courier-Record that she agreed to the polygraph ex- amination andwas driven last week by a Nottoway Deputy Sheriff to the State Police Di- vision Headquarters in Appo- mattox. Ms. Fitzgerald says she was asked a couple of test questions and then four ques- “The police aren’t going to nd him if he doesn’twant to be found.” TerryFitzgerald “He’s stillmissing. He is a fugitive.” LarryParrish tions aboutReeves’ disappear- ance, and that the examiner “believed my answers to be truthful.” Ms. Fitzgerald says she and Fitzgerald have dated for almost a year and have lived together just under six months. “They said they were only questioningme because I was the last one to actually see him. Of course I was the last one to see him becausewe live together.” Ms. Fitzgerald announced the polygraph on her Facebook page, and answered several questions with this newspaper through Facebook messages. She also provided three addi- tional photos of Reeves. LastSeenAug. 31st Reeves is a 37-year-old white male with long black hair and a six-inch beard. Reeves stands 5’ 11” tall and weighs about 140 lbs. According to Nottoway Sheriff Larry Parrish, Reeves was last seen Wednesday evening, Aug. 31st, at ap- proximately 7:00 p.m. at his residence in the 3000 block of Tyler Road north of Crewe. Reeves at that timewaswear- ing only pajama bottoms, no shirt, and no shoes. Sheriff Parrish saidReeves, who has tattoos on his chest and both arms, was reported missing two days later--on Fri- day, Sept. 2nd at about 8 p.m. “Certainly, we’re concerned about him, and his parents are concerned about him. They feel like if he had someway of making contact with them, he would have done so by now. We’re still looking for him.” Since everyone’s a pundit these days, here aremy gener- al thoughts onMonday night’s debate. I’ll call it a draw, at best, for The Donald. Neither candidate scored a knock-out, and neither committed a ma- jor gaffe. Still, I can’t wait to watch Saturday Night Live this week-end! *** Hillary looked quite healthy, while The Donald had the snifes and drank water frequently. Sec. Clin- ton looked like she could’ve gone for another hour or more. To me, she displayed plentyof stamina. *** It surprised me that we heard NOTHING during the debate about Trump’s prom- ised wall along the Mexican border. We didn’t hear the words “Obamacare” or “Clin- ton Foundation” or “Benghazi” or even Hillary’s recent com- ment that half of Trump sup- porters are “deplorables.” I’m very disappointed that neither candidate expressed displea- sure with the increased use, by Presidents of both parties, of executive orders. We also didn’t hear anything about the type of Supreme Court justices each candidate would nominate. *** I’ve always liked NBC’s LesterHolt, but he lost con- troland letTrumpkeep talk- ing and talking.Holt grilled Trump about his taxes, but Hillary didn’t get a single question about her emails. By the way, Trump really needs to release his income taxes. We should know to which foreign entities our possible next Commander- in-Chief owesmoney. *** Trump scored when he pointed out that computer hackers exposed the Demo- cratic National Committee’s bias against Bernie Sanders. Trump’s response to Hillary, that he’ll release his taxes when she releases her 33,000 deleted emails, also was good. But he still should release his taxes, regardless. *** Overall,Trumpdidagood job remindingAmerica that Hillary is a career politician. But he missed a number of opportunities to inictmore damage. On the questions about ISIS, he should have remindedMrs. Clinton that PresidentObamaonce called ISIS “the JV team.”We also didn’t hear thewords “radi- cal Islamic terror” during the90-minutedebate. *** Considering that Trump was debating “the most quali- ed human being to ever seek theWhiteHouse,” he didOK. *** When he mocked Hill- MAGAZINE INSIDE PublicationNo.135720 VOL.127,#39 $1 Wednesday,September28th,2016 NOTTOWAYvs LUNenburg PREVIEW Police charge pair in Paris Inn shooting Two 20-year-old men, who were wounded Sept. 10th in an early morning shooting outside the Paris Inn night- club in Burkeville, have been charged for their alleged roles in the violence. According to Nottoway Sheriff Larry Parrish, Isaiah J.May ofChesterwas arrest- ed last Tuesday (Sept. 20th), and Izaal Jones of Hopewell was arrested this past Sunday (Sept. 24th). Parrish said each man is charged with Malicious Wounding in the death ofQua- dir Tariq Hall, 26, of Tucker Avenue in Crewe (formerly of Amelia), and each is charged with one count of Use Of A Firearm In Commission Of A Felony . Both May and Jones are being held without bond in Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville. Jones is scheduled to be arraigned today (Wed.) in Nottoway General District Court. May’s court date has been set forNov. 9th. Parrish said bothmenwere processed by Chestereld County Sheriff’s Ofce. Mug shots were not available at presstime. Hall, the deceased, was shot and run over by a ve- hicle when “chaos” broke-out as at least 20 shots were red at 2:00 a.m. A crowd of about 150, including three deputy sheriffs, was on the premises when gunre broke out in a parking area behind the estab- lishment. Moments after the shoot- $40 PER YEAR (52 Issues) Nottoway, Lunenburg, Dinwiddie, Brunswick, Amelia, & Prince Edward $45 All other Virginia counties $55 Out-of-State PLEASE FILL OUT & SEND TO: Courier- Record 111 West Maple St. • Blackstone, VA 23824 PLEASE CHECK ONE AMELIA PHYSICAL THERAPY Two Convenient Locations to Serve you: 114 East Broad Street Blackstone, VA (434) 298-0128 10130 Supe rior Way Amelia, VA (804) 561-1585 AMELIA PHYSICAL THERAPY Benson Howard, MSPT has over 20 years of physical therapy experience under his belt in the Amelia area. He and his staff provide hands-on care, including manipulations and exercises designed to get you in top form in the quickest time possible. CAPABLE HANDS TOSS THOSE REFERRALS – DIRECT ACCESS AVAILABLE!! reality set in, “I panicked and threw everything in a book- bag and left.” Zamir’s grandmother, Ve- ronica Vincent, accompanied Zamir in the ambulance ride to Farmville. All three say they’re grateful Wednesday’s accident wasn’t worse and that they could celebrate In- dependence Day together and not in a hospital. ACCIDENT (Continued From Page 1) Commonwealth VISION CENTER P.C. Leonard B. Whiteside III, O.D. COME SEE 20/20 WITH US! COUPON 20% OFF EXAM 20% OFF GLASSES Commonwealth VISION CENTER P.C. 8-31-21 Old Blackstone Family Practice Building We Fill Eye Glass Prescriptions Complete Eye Health Exams Contact Lens Exams Large Selection of Frames 920 South Main St., Blackstone • 434-292-6393 Glasses Starting at $79 Vacation Bible School at Nottoway Baptist Church Friday, July 16th 5:30pm to 9pm and Saturday, July 17th 9am to 3pm 102 Pine Road • Blackstone, VA We will be serving Dinner Friday night and Lunch on Saturday. - is event is for ages 4th to 6th grade- Blackstone Police photo (above) at scene shows dam- aged bicycle and shoes worn by 8-year-old Zamir Stith at time of collision with Ford Explorer. Home Sweet Home Zamir Stith, 8-year-old son of Trechelle Bass eld, spent a night in the hospital after colliding with vehicle while riding his bicycle. Accident occurred Wednesday afternoon at intersection of Tavern and North Harris Streets. See today’s lead story, page 1 JOE PASCHAL Formally launches bid Joe Paschal is a long- time construction worker and was a vocal critic of Southside Electric Co- operative’s management during prolonged power outages after the Febru- ary ice storm. Paschal was outspo- ken on Facebook in the days after the storm and led a small demonstra- tion in the rain across from the co-op’s district of ce in Crewe. Paschal, 49, started work as a teenager at the family auto body business in Clarksville. “When I turned 18, I went to work for Laidlaw Tree Service. I was in- jured after three months and was out for a while with a broken leg. When I healed, I started at Clo- ver Power Plant and I have been in construction ever since. “I have worked through the ranks from apprentice to now con- struction manager and have worked in every in- dustry: power, re ning, mining, semi-conductor, manufacturing, build- ing major facilities, and doing upgrades. I have worked in over 40 states and the following coun- tries: Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan, Saudi Ara- bia, United Arab Emir- ates, building military facilities, water treat- ment plants, re neries, and pipelines. I am now at Microsoft in Boydton building new data cen- ters.” ‘WORLD’ OF EXPERIENCE Candidate has worked abroad Third candidate from Lun. on November 2nd ballot LIBERTARIAN SHAKES-UP RACE ‘IT’S TIME SOUTHSIDE HAS A VOICE’ Not one, not two, but three Lunenburg County residents are running for the House of Delegates seat in the 61st Dis- trict. Libertarian Joe Paschal has quali ed for the November 2nd ballot, setting-up a three- way race with incumbent Tommy Wright (R) and fellow challenger Trudy Berry (D), both of Victoria. Paschal, 49, grew-up in Boydton and Clarksville in Mecklenburg County and de- scribes himself as a “stalwart for liberty, a pillar of the com- munity, and a good neighbor.” The current chair of Vir- ginia’s Libertarian Party, Pas- chal says it’s time Southside has more say about its future. “I have watched Richmond bureaucrats my entire life tell us what’s best for Southside. It’s time that Southside has a strong voice In Richmond.” The 61st House District in- cludes all of Amelia, Cumber- land, Mecklenburg, and Not- toway counties, and most of Lunenburg County. This is the District’s rst three-way race since the 1993 independent bid by Notto- way Supervisor, the late Jack Green. Green’s entry partially helped upset long-time Demo- cratic incumbent, the late Lew- is Parker. Paschal this week declared, “My vision is to restore the liberties that our founding fa- thers envisioned...The people of Southside have persevered for centuries thru the Ameri- can Revolution, War of 1812, the Civil War. They have sent their children to ght in every war the U.S. has ever fought. Patriotism and self-reliance are a key part of the people’s lives in Southside. We don’t need Richmond and northern Virginia to decide what’s best for Southside Virginia.” Paschal said times are changing in rural Virginia and that economic growth and higher-paying jobs are among his focal points. “Knowing the value of hard work is the cornerstone of the American Dream. The 61st District has been a hub for the tobacco in- dustry for over two centuries and was a hub for the textile industry for over a century. Now it’s a hub for the data center industry and is emerg- ing as a solar power hub.” Paschal says he will work to preserve the 2nd Amend- ment, work for election reform, eliminate personal property taxes on vehicles, and expand broadband internet access. Both Paschal and Ms. Ber- ry say they hope Del. Wright, Contact Us For All Your Electrical and Lighting Needs! SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. 301 West Third Street, Farmville, VA 239012 434-392-8154 • Proudly Serving Central Virginia for over 46 years! who is in his 21st year in state of ce, will agree to debate this year. Wright defeated Ms. Berry in 2019 by a margin of 67-33%.