Partners and Affiliations


eType Services has partnered with industry leaders in software and web services for publications worldwide.


Bar-Z strives to deliver creative content to people on whatever device they happen to have with them. Bar-Z works with publishers to make publishing content to multiple platforms easier. Their goal is to become the leading cross-platform publishing solution. Bar-Z knows there is no single perfect tool, so they offer a tool belt and elbow grease to help publishers deliver the experience they have always dreamed of, on a variety of devices.

eType Services has partnered with Bar-Z to make a number of its specialty apps available to community newspapers at a price they can afford. Unique mobile solutions, including visitors' guides, marketplace apps and loyalty programs, provide publishers with a great way to showcase their town while adding another revenue stream to their business.

Newz Group

Newz Group is a family-owned media technology and public relations company that helps various entities stay in control of their public image. Newz Group works with large and small businesses, government offices, politicians, not-for-profits, organizations, trade associations, independent contractors, publishers, press associations and more.

eType Services has partnered with Newz Group to make extensive archives available to the public for the first time! If your state press association is a Newz Group client, ask about our integrated archiving solution.


Protecmedia is an international company focused on the development of software and services for media companies. Since 1979, it has helped newspapers, magazines and news publications increase and enhance their brand and market leadership. Protec's Millennium Cross Media platform, which powers e-Edition, also consists of application modules that cover advertising, editorial/production media, multi-media broadcasting, publishing asset management, circulation and subscriptions.

Through its partnership with Protecmedia, eType Services is able to provide Apple and Android-friendly mobile apps and an enhanced e-reader to community newspapers at a price they can afford.


TransFirst, the ninth largest provider of secure payment processing in the U.S., provides merchant services and products that can help businesses of all sizes and industries grow and prosper. TransFirst offers tailor-made solutions to merchants and service providers, financial institutions, independent sales professionals and referral/reseller partners.

eType Services is pleased to offer payment processing services from TransFirst as part the eType suite of services. TransFirst’s innovative products and 24/7, U.S.-based merchant support are part of a program that can help members like you save money and grow your business.