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Thank you for your interest in eType Services. We look forward to showing you how our products and services can help you thrive in the digital age.

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eType Services Sales FAQs

Are there start-up fees or a contract to join eType Services?

No, there are no start-up fees or contracts to join eType Services. Before you start using our products, we’ll simply have you sign off on a service agreement that outlines our billing terms and states that you remain the sole owner of your content and the sole owner of the email addresses we collect on your behalf.

Does it take long to get started with eType Services?

Not at all! Your e-Edition can be online within a day. All you need to do is email us a JPEG of your banner and load a PDF of your paper to our secure site; we’ll take care of the rest. Once you’ve completed a form where we gather the requirements for your website, it can up-and-running within a week.

Will I need to hire additional staff before I can begin using e-Edition or an eType website?

No. e-Edition uses the same PDF of your paper that you send to the printer, and it takes just minutes to load. eType websites are likewise easy to maintain. A built-in, user-friendly WYSIWYG editor makes adding content a breeze, and eType Services takes care of your website hosting for you.

Can I expect to see an increase in my revenue as a result of using eType Services’ products? How?

Yes. With our e-Edition, you can expect a 10% increase in circulation, which results in both subscription revenue and a potential for increased advertising revenue. Websites can be revenue generators for newspapers as well, both from banner advertising and as a tool to drive subscriptions.

How should I price e-Edition?

Our experience has shown us that one us one of the largest expenses for any community publication is distribution. We suggest that publishers using our system attempt to drive subscribers to the e-Edition using the following approach:

  • Include an e-Edition for customers in your local zip code with the regular print subscription.
  • Create a combined print and e-Edition product at an increased rate for all subscribers outside your zip code.
  • Create a new subscription rate for e-Edition only at the in-town rate. This will encourage out-of-town subscribers to move to the e-Edition product and greatly reduce your distribution costs.
We have found that typically, publishers see an immediate 10% conversion rate from their out-of-town subscribers, which in most cases pays for the costs of the e-Edition.


When should I start charging my subscribers for e-Edition?

We recommend offering the e-Edition free for one month in order to generate interest in your new offering. When you decide that it’s time to start charging for e-Edition, eType Services will help you set up a paywall and can help you market your new e-Edition to your current and potential subscribers. All subscription revenue will be sent directly to you.

Do e-Edition subscribers count toward my total circulation?

Absolutely. No matter how readers access your content, their subscription counts toward your publication’s total circulation.

How do I market my e-Edition or website?


  1. Establish a link on your website that connects with the landing page for the e-Edition. Ideally, this link is replica of the current print edition, but it can also be a menu link (i.e., e-Edition). eType can provide the link as well as sample of how other websites have presented the link. DO NOT bury the link on the website where no one can see it. You want to encourage users to use the e-Edition.
  2. Run ads in your print edition announcing the new availability of the e-Edition and/or website. eType can provide ads for you or you can create your own.
  3. If you have an email list for some subscribers, send a notice to them announcing your new e-Edition and/or website. eType has sample copy for this message.
  4. Include a short ‘editorial’ in your paper, announcing the new services and outlining your paper’s strategy of offering expanded services, etc.
  5. After you have offered the e-Edition gratis and without registration, make another announcement of the establishment of a paywall. Depending upon your subscription model, you can let print subscribers know they will have free access to the paper after registering, etc. The key here is to keep people informed about what is happening and to create an expectation of a growing suite of services.


Why should I choose e-Edition?

eType Services delivers a copy of your newspaper to your subscribers’ email inbox the same day it’s published. Readers love its timeliness and convenience. Plus, with its flip-book page turning format, zoom-in functionality and search capabilities, it combines the latest in digital newspaper technology with the classic newspaper reading experience they know and enjoy. All this adds up to increased circulation and potential increases in advertising revenue for your publication.

Why should I choose an eType website?

Our websites use responsive web design, so they are easy to read and navigate—with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling—on a variety of devices. They make it easy for your readers to read your top stories and breaking news alerts, subscribe to your e-Edition, submit forms and letters to the editor and more. They are easy to implement and maintain, and since eType Services hosts your site, you don’t need to purchase expensive servers or hire additional IT staff to have an online presence.