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Long after an event has taken place or an issue has been explored, readers want a record of what happened—from the viewpoint of those who experienced it. For this, they turn to community newspapers. From local politics to sports coverage to records of births, marriages and deaths, community newspapers give the most complete record of a town’s history, personalities and stories of interest. They also offer a unique, first-hand perspective that only a local newspaper can provide.

eType Services makes it easy for readers to access and search newspaper archives. With our archiving service, subscribers can browse your past publications by publication date or search them by keyword, view a summary of the search results, and download the pages that pertain to the topic they’re researching.

Our standard e-Edition service includes three months of archived publications; our Premium Service includes unlimited archives for clients of eType partner Newz Group, and one year of archives for all other clients. For more information about Newz Group, visit our Partners page.