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Chad Fell
Senior Reporter
Campbell woman is listed in
fair condition at a Birming-
ham hospital after suffering
extensive hand injuries while
sawing some molding at
Southern Energy Monday
morning, April 8.
Sherry Hughes was trans-
ported from her work place
by Regional Paramedical
Services to Air Evac which
airlifted her to UAB Hospital,
Birmingham, noted officials
on the scene.
Central Fire Department
received a call at 8:45 a.m.
that a woman had “lost her
The National Newspaper
Wednesday a decision by the
U.S. Postal Service Board of
Governors to continue Satur-
day mail delivery, while it
awaits postal reform legisla-
tion from Congress.
NNA president Merle
Baranczyk, publisher of the
Mountain Mail in Salida,
CO, also warned NNA will
oppose increases in postage
rates at a time when closing
mail processing facilities are
degrading newspaper deliv-
ery service nationwide.
“The mission of the
Postal Service is in its name:
it is service. Without reliable
service, no price is fair. NNA
is working with the Postal
Service to do all we can to
help newspapers avoid the
impacts of the system
changes, but we need univer-
sal service for our communi-
ties and our newspapers. We
also believe the ultimate re-
sponsibility rests with Con-
gress and we will continue
our vigorous advocacy on
behalf of community news-
papers to pass important
postal reform.”
DSES abuse charge
deemed unfounded
Chad Fell
Senior Reporter
gation by Double Springs Police and
Winston County School officials
into a mother’s allegations her six-
year-old daughter was abused during
a recent paddling at Double Springs
Elementary School has determined
no wrongdoing by the school.
On Thursday, April 4, the mother
of the student came to the Double
Springs Police Department wanting
to file a report concerning her child
receiving a paddling Wednesday,
April 3, at the elementary school,
Police Chief Kim Miller noted.
“She claimed her child had bruis-
ing on her butt from the paddling
and said her child was not to be
given corporal punishment unless
she was notified,” Chief Miller said.
A summary on a copy of the po-
lice report indicated that the mother
stated “there was severe bruising in
the buttock area of her daughter. Her
daughter told her she got in trouble
and got a paddling.”
A copy of the report also noted
she went to the school and con-
fronted the principal and the school
employee that did the paddling.
The employee who did the pad-
dling informed the mother “he did
not paddle her that hard.”
However, the mother was not sat-
isfied with this response from the
school and went to the Department
of Human Resources which referred
Winston County Schools
Superintendent Greg Pend-
ley began an investigation
based on the claim.
Double Springs Police Chief
Kim Miller examines the re-
Melica Allen
Managing Editor
HALEYVILLE - Congress is in the heat of the
battle on gun control. This week President Barack
Obama flew 11 parents of the children killed in
the Sandy Hook massacre to Washington D.C. on
Air Force One to lobby Congress for stricter gun
control legislation. Twenty children and six teach-
ers were killed at the elementary school on Dec.
14, 2012.
Republican Senator Pat Toomey, of Pennsyl-
vania, and Senator Joe Manchin, a West Va., De-
mocrat, both whom have an A rating with the
National Rifle Association, were reported to have
worked out a deal to expand background checks
to include gun shows and the internet. They are
said to be key senators on the issue. If the deal
does pass the Senate, it will have to go to the
House for consideration.
The following is a statement released by the
National Rifle Association, out of Fairfax, Va.,
"Expanding background checks at gun shows will
not prevent the next shooting, will not solve vio-
lent crime and will not keep our kids safe in
“While the overwhelming rejection of Presi-
dent Obama and Mayor Bloomberg’s
Gun control: issues complex
Billy Woods, of Natural Bridge, looks at a new handgun he is considering pur-
chasing from licensed dealer Tony Bishop at Dollar Pawn/Gold Mine Jewelry,
in Haleyville, adding to his collection of several firearms. Woods said he has
been a gun owner since his teenage years.
hand almost
Senator Jeff Sessions, right, during a recent tour of the Kinro
Manufacturing facilities in Double Springs. He is pictured with
General Manager Shannon Sawyer and Plant Manager Lyndon
Williamson. Seen in the background at left is Double Springs
Mayor Elmo Robinson and in center background is Grady
Batchelor, president of the Industrial Development Authority
Winston County Alabama.
Chad Fell
Senior Reporter
DOUBLE SPRINGS - Resolutions signed this past week by
both the town of Double Springs and Winston County Commission
have signaled the go-ahead of the long awaited project of providing
a turning lane and expanding the entrance road to Kinro Manufac-
turing, with a recent visit from U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions further
solidifying the commitment.
During the commission’s regular meeting Monday, April 8,
Chairman Roger Hayes signed the county’s portion of the agree-
ment, with Double Springs Mayor Elmo Robinson signing the res-
olution, showing the town’s commitment at the council meeting
that same night.
The project will directly benefit Kinro Manufacturing,
Given the go-ahead
Work begins on
Kinro road project
postal delivery
to continue