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The Marlow Review, Thursday, August 30, 2012, Marlow, Oklahoma
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The Marlow Review
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District Court. They represent neither guilt nor innocence regarding
charges filed.
Chamber Chat ter
By: Debbe Ridley
Marlow Chamber of Commerce
The Marlow Review
316 W. Main - P.O. Box 153
Marlow, OK 73055
John A. Hruby - Editor & Publisher
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Marlow, Oklahoma
S E R V I C E S , L L C
Private Investigations, Process Service
OK License #12AP162733
~ Letter to the Public ~
For those of you who read the
magazine, I’m sure you
have noticed my picture. I would like everyone to know my side of
the story for the sake of my family and my business.
I was pulled over for my taillight being out while driving a
vehicle that I had recently repossessed. The vehicle was still
registered to the prior owner and although I had my dealer tag and
insurance verification, the officer was suspicious that the vehicle
was stolen, so he called for a back-up officer and a drug dog.
Although the officer said that drugs had been detected by the
dog, myself and my passenger, whom has experience with training
canines for law enforcement, did not witness any gesture or sound
made by the dog that would indicate that drugs had been detected.
After searching my vehicle, myself and my passenger, the
officer did not find any illegal drugs. He did find medication
that was prescribed to me due to the fact that I am scheduled for
surgery number three on my shoulders.
The mistake I made was putting two different medications in
one bottle. My wife came right away to show the officer proof of
my prescriptions but it was too late. I was arrested and taken to jail
where I spent 53 hours. My attorney presented my prescription
to the Assistant District Attorney of Stephens County Monday
morning and no charges were ever filed.
Even though my vehicle was searched illegally and my
Miranda rights were not read to me, I have decided not to press
charges against the Stephens County Sheriffs Department and put
this nightmare behind me. I believe that officer deserves a second
Jimmy Taylor
1012 N. Broadway, Marlow
It’s Back!!
Wednesday Night Taco Special
Begins Sept. 5th
315 W. Main St. in Marlow
Early Enroll
Sept. 26th, 2-4 pm
Visit us at
Call 405-224-JUMP
Ages 3-4
Wed., 4:30-5:00
Ages 5-6
Wed., 5:00-5:50
Ages 7-8
Thurs., 4:00-4:50
Ages 8-11
Thurs., 5:00-5:50
Ages 8-11
Thurs., 6:00-6:50
Ages 12+
Thurs., 7:00-7:50
228 West Main - Marlow, OK
Phone/Fax 580-658-6529
Most major credit cards accepted
We’re sending out a “welcome aboard!”
to a brand new Marlow business, Little
Boy Blue, located at 213 W. Main, and also
welcoming them as a new member of the
Marlow Chamber of Commerce. Owned
by Jessica and Stephen Garvin, Little Boy
Blue’s merchandise includes infant through
men’s clothing and accessories.
Their restoration of the historic building
brings to mind the history of the Chamber
that appeared in the September 18, 1930 issue
The Marlow Review
. Reference is made
to the beginnings of the Marlow Chamber
of Commerce in 1908, and it might interest
some to know in 1908 the unique, landmark
building at 213 W. Main was already tower-
ing over downtown. Here’s an excerpt from
that 1930 article.
TORY. On all sides individuals may be found
who have made an outstanding success in
some particular line of endeavor and these
have been successful due to a vision that they
had of their job that inspired them to greater
efforts. Communities are made up of individ-
uals and so we find that this composite citi-
zenship represents the personality of the com-
munity and if it has a vision of what they want
their community to be, then that community
will grow and prosper, but if that citizenship
is wrapped up in its own individual problems,
and is selfish and narrow in its views, with no
thought of the development of the whole, that
community will be strangled to death and will
sooner or later die for ‘Where there is no vi-
sion, there is death.’ Where there are no lead-
ers there can be no vision.”
“In studying the early history of the de-
velopment of Marlow will be found that
there was a vision on the part of some of the
leading men and women and this vision was
gradually imparted to other men and women
and the result today is a source of common
pride to all. It is like reading from the pages
of romance, for on the local stage has been
enacted a play in which the players were the
local citizens of the community.”
“Back in 1908 may be found the first
movement started to work, and cooperate
with each other, for in the fall of that year
the business men of Marlow got together
and took time away from their business to go
out into the Wood Reserve to get acquainted
with the new citizens who had just moved
into that strip of country that lies to the west
and south of Marlow, and to invite them to
come to Marlow and do their trading. Then
in the following year an organization of local
business men was organized with T.T. Eason,
president, J. Ad Wylie, vice president, and
J.W. Talla, secretary. Then in the summer of
1910 a booster trip was put on that included
as much of the territory as could be well cov-
ered by horse and buggy and it will long be
remembered by those making the trip.”
“This early organization continued to
function as problems arose that called for the
united effort of the community and then when
the problem had been solved the organization
lapsed into inactivity only to be aroused into
life when new conditions developed.”
“In 1920 the leaders began to think of
having a constructive year-round program,
and with this in mind a permanent organi-
zation was formed and steps were taken to
employ a permanent secretary who would be
on the job all the time carrying out the wishes
of the citizens. From this time on until the
present time the Marlow Chamber of Com-
merce has been a virile organization that has
been working for the up-building of the en-
tire community.”
And, now, 82 years after that article was
written, the Marlow Chamber of Commerce
is still at work “to maximize the use of
community resources for the betterment of
-Stevens, Matthew Cullen, Duncan; Driving a motor vehicle while
under the influence of alcohol; Driving under suspension; Trans-
port an open container of beer.
-Spradling, Thomas Alva, Jr, Marlow; Outstanding warrant; Domes-
tic abuse, Assault & battery.
-Bradford, Latoya Annette, Lawton; Outstanding warrant; Unauthor-
ized use of credit card.
-Pitmon, John Thomas, Apache; Driving with license revoked.
-Wilkerson, Michael W, Duncan; Driving a motor vehicle while un-
der the influence of alcohol-Aggravated.
-Spradling, Thomas Alva Jr, Marlow; Domestic abuse, Assault &
battery.-Ferris, Joshua William, Elmore City; Driving with license
-Garcia, Maximiliano Trochez, Duncan; Domestic abuse, Assault &
-Reeves, Jody Joyce, Wichita Falls, Tex; Driving without a valid
driver’s license.
-Taylor, Dale Leroy, Jr, Duncan; Obstructing an officer; Molesting a
motor vehicle.
-Davis, Charles Clifford, Palestine, Okla; Possession of controlled
dangerous substance.
-Ponder, Russell Ryan, Duncan; Possession of controlled dangerous
-Parker, Destiny Lynn, Comanche; Possession of dangerous sub-
-Davis, Charles E, Duncan; Possession of controlled dangerous sub-
-Lockwood, Roxanna Lee, Duncan; Driving while license is revoked.
-Music, Deanna Delores, Marlow; Driving a motor vehicle while un-
der the influence of drugs.
-Barrett, Glenn Stewart, Duncan; Driving a motor vehicle while un-
der the influence of alcohol, Second & subsequent; Driving under
suspension, Second & subsequent; Leaving scene of accident in-
volving damage.
-Turner, Jennifer, Duncan; Possession of child pornography.
-Cox, Shannon R, Duncan; Harboring a fugitive from justice; Pos-
session of controlled dangerous substance; Unlawful possession
of drug paraphernalia.
-Shelton, James Gregory, Marlow; Harboring fugitive from justice;
Possession of controlled dangerous substance; Unlawful posses-
sion of drug paraphernalia.
-Turner, Tommy Caleb, Marlow; Harboring fugitive from justice.
-Lewis, Kelcee Darlene, Duncan; Harboring fugitive from justice;
Possession of controlled dangerous substance; Unlawful posses-
sion of drug paraphernalia.
-Black, Jerry Don, Duncan; Possession of controlled dangerous sub-
stance, After former conviction of felony; Unlawful possession of
drug paraphernalia.
-Barrick, Chris, Marlow; Outstanding warrant; 2 or more bogus
checks together over felony limit $1,000.
-Waugh, Terry Allan, Duncan; Outstanding warrant; Grand larceny.
-Joy, Carlos Ray, Duncan; Burglary in the second degree.
-Svec, Albert Jesse, Jr, Duncan; Malicious injury to property.
-Parker, Destiny Lynn, Comanche; Bringing contraband into jail.
-Barnes, Benny Juniors, Elmore City; False declaration of ownership
in pawn, After former conviction of felony; False declaration of
ownership in pawn.
Filed Divorces
-Herring, Treva Renee vs. Robert David.
-Buchan, Candy Renae vs. Lance Robert.
-Madden, Thomas Michael vs. Katrina Jean.
-Shipman, Ronald G. vs. Belinda D.
-Harvey, Mark Andrew vs. Gibson-Harvey, Sandra Renee.
-Lockstone, Kendall Brian, Duncan; Pye, Megan June, Duncan.
-Miller, Casey Allen, Duncan; McKee, Jessica Anne, Duncan.
tified Utility Program Award on
energy-saving measures the city
has taken.
The Marlow Police Depart-
ment will also be receiving an-
other vehicle thanks to the July
hailstorm. The council had al-
ready approved the purchase of
one new police SUV last month,
but funds from the damage
caused by the hailstorm to de-
partment’s vehicles, will allow
the city to purchase a second ve-
hicle not to exceed $26,000.
In other business, the council
unanimously approved:
• The use of Red Bud Park by
Marlow Public Schools today
(Thursday) between the hours
of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., limit-
ing the park’s public use for
the purpose of a cross country
track event.
• The submittal of a REAP ap-
plication for the heating and
cooling units at the Commu-
nity/Nutrition Center at Red
Bud Park, and the Capital Im-
provement Five year plan.
• The declaration of a surplus
of eight Gravely mowers,
one power washer, one wood
chipper and two vehicles for
the purpose scrapping or sell-
ing them.
• Seeking bids for roof repairs/
replacement at various city
building due to the storm
damage that occurred on July
• Entering into a CodeRED
Service Agreement with
Emergency Communciations
Network LLC for a term of
one year for a $4,639 a month
(down from $5,000 the previ-
ous three-year contract). The
contract would also increase
the number of minutes avail-
able to the service from 1,500
non-emergency minutes per
month to unlimited non-emer-
gency minutes per month.
• Authorizing a service ad-
dendum adding CodeRED
Weather Warning Service
with Emergency Communi-
cation Network LLC with an
annual fee of $2,500.
Billingsley Ford Lincoln
of Duncan is pleased to
announce Larry Beam
as a member
of our Sales Team.
Come see Larry or any
of our other sales consultant
for your vehicle needs.
Larry was a former Program Director of
the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit at
Duncan Regional Hospital.
started out with four Republi-
cans, each qualified to represent
the citizens in this newly drawn
Senate district. Now that the vot-
ers have selected the GOP nomi-
nee for Senate District 43, the
Republican parties in Stephens,
Garvin, Grady and McClain
counties will come together be-
hind Corey to insure we have a
conservative Republican repre-
senting us in the Senate,” Fair
Brooks, 32, will now run in
the November general election
against 46-year-old Democrat
Mike Fullerton of Newcastle.
Fullerton was unopposed in the
Democratic Primary.
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